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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Friday, March 05, 2004
3 other pages
See: http://www.vec.ca/German/10/tefl_mexico.cfm

I managed to translate 3 english pages into german. See the link below ;) This is just one of them.
I definitely won't do any translation work next week since my eyes hurt already. I can't read things on the screen that's why I usually print things that I want to read out.
I talked to Shirley (Human Resources) today and I will work with her next week, probably not every day but maybe every other day.
It was professional teacher day or something, so it's a free day for vec's students and I must say I loved it, because it was sooooo quiet here. haha.

Wish you all a good weekend!

"If the Romans had been obliged to learn Latin, they would never have found time to conquer the world"-Heinrich Heine


Thursday, March 04, 2004
another english site on the german page
See: http://www.vec.ca/German/10/spanish_mexico.cfm

Well, I'm still translating pages. Today, it was a site on the Study in Mexico page and there are some more. I could only translate 2 pages. It was too much and it's really tough sitting on the comp all day and read on the screen. Therefore I had to take some breaks because my eyes hurt.
I will have to continue tomorrow and try to finish the other 3 sites.
That's all I can write for today.
Wish you all a good evening!


Wednesday, March 03, 2004
At Reception Desk

I was sitting at Reception almost a whole day, and I found my "weaknesses" as a receptionist. When things were getting a little too busy, I was in panic! For example, I couldn't even say an easy word (it was "arrival" today).
On the other hand, I really enjoyed talking with students here at VEC. And I was really happy when students said "Thank you" to me.
It was a little tough day for me, but thank you everyone for helping me today!


Rainy again :(

Well, I continued working on my translations from yesterday. I didn't really translate the sites I corrected the mistakes that the former "Translator" made. I paid more attention to the german visa site since I realized that this site is one of the most popular german sites on the VEC. Another reason is too confidential and I obviously don't want to mention it here.
I could hardly type, because it's cold in here and my hands were freezing. Next time I'll make sure to bring my gloves.
Thanks for the email account John. Actually, I was being sarcastic when I said I felt like an outsider. ;)

"Socrates ... said he was not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world."-Plutarch

Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Handling phone calls
See: http://www.vec.ca

I was sitting at Recption this afternoon and answering some phone calls from host families and agents. I had difficulty handling some phone calls today. As soon as I answered the phone, the lady seemed to be angry...... I was a little nervous what to say to her, but Shirley and Inga helped me so it was OK. I think I need to have "better" reception skill.
Good thing being a intern at VEC is that there is always someone helps me and answers my questions. I really appreciate their help!

I finished trasnlation work from yesterday, so I am happy! I will be working on more translation tomorrow.


some process
See: http://www.vec.ca/German/1/

Ok this is my second week already and I'm still not done with the german pages. I didn't know that we have so many german sites. I'm almost done though. Oh by the way I finally got to rank the german website higher. It was 3 out of 10 and now it's 4. Just a small step but still. Makes me feel so much better since Mr. Gardner said that we at least have to have a 4. :D
So today, I basically have done what I did yesterday :(
Hey, can I have a VEC email account too? ;) I feel like an outsider with my email account. hehe

I wish you all a good day!


Monday, March 01, 2004
Happy Birthday John

Well, first of all I hope everybody had a nice weekend. I did, I was in Seattle (like every weekend) and had a great time with my friends. Anyways...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN. I'M SURE YOU WERE PRETTY MUCH SURPRISED. I wish you all the best for the future.

I just saw that I'm not the only one posting here on the Vec Interns site. I'm glad John that you find someone new ;) So I won't be the only one boring the VEC staff..haha just kidding.

Today, I have translated some more horrible german sites and connected the links on the pages that were in english to the german sites. Makes sense, doesn't it? That's all I have done today. I translated 4 sites within 5 hours. And I mean it's not that I had to only change some words. NOOO, I had to translate the whole site since every single word was wrong.
I'm kind of sad that i had to sit in the office all day, because it's so beautiful outside. That's why I had lunch outside today. Since I have been here Vancouver it was sunny and beautiful for only a week.


Working as a Volunteer at VEC
See: http://www.vec.ca

Hi! I'm Eri from Japan.
Let me introduce a little bit about myself.
After I graduated from university, became employed in Japan, and have come to Vancouver to enhance my English and communication skills.
It's been a month and a little bit passed since I started volunteering at VEC.

I came to school at 8 a.m. this mornig to help new students. Most of new students looked a little nervous on their first day at VEC. I hope they have wonderful experience at VEC.
After that, I worked on translation today, sometimes it is really hard for me to translate English into Japanese, because we have different sentense structure and grammar.
Also, I was sitting at Reception for 1 and a half hours. A man came to the reception and asked me about VEC's program, tuition, and homestay. I couldn't answer some of his questoins, for example if a student want to receive a letter of acceptance from VEC, does he or she have to pay full amount of tuition, and how long does he or she have to apply for. Luckily, Ai, Assistant Marketing Director, helped me, so the man understood about VEC's program.

I learn something different every day, and I am really enjoying it.
I will be working on translation tomorrow, "Canada Immigration" page, hopefully it will be done tomorrow.



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