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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Friday, July 30, 2004
Fridays Are My Favourite...

...and I promise I'm not being biased just because it was pay day today and the beginning of a long weekend.

Fridays are always great! Especially this one! I have been working on the computer practically all week and since I didn't have any more computer work left to do today, I helped Carly in activities by stuffing binders and helping out students. It feels great to end a week of intensive computer work by actually being out there and TALKING to people and moving!! I feel rejuvinated and I'm already pumped for Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Organization Is Great

THE STORAGE ROOM IS ACTUALLY CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!!! Once we started getting everything in the room, we couldn't stop and within an hour, we had completely finished. It's amazing at how a little bit of organization can impact a room and save a lot of space. Before we started cleaning it out, it was full without even much room to walk around. Now everything only fills half of the room with plenty of space to get around and find what you need. :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Wrapping Up Projects

Today felt more laid-back than I'm used to. I started the day off by painting a second coat on the storage room floor. I don't understand how one little concrete room in the corner of the building can get as hot as it did. All the painting has finished now and although it feels as if it should have padded walls once you're standing in it, the room looks 200 times better than it did before (which I can't really say about my pants). I thought I was being careful not to get paint on me, but as I was walking out of the room to wash my hands, I found paint going all the way up the side of my calves as if I pressed my pants on the floor. I'm yet to figure that one out...oh well, at least I managed to clean it off before it dried...as awkard as holding my leg up to the hand dryer in the washroom was...

After that, I completed all of the faxing that Tina had left Tam and I to do for the Summer.... I just hope all the fax numbers and papers don't end up on my desk again to re-fax...the fax machine is just so slow! Within the time it took me to deliver the notices that Akshay gave me, I could have only done one fax, two if I was lucky. Stupid machine!

Later, Mr. Gardner got John, the resident computer genius, to show Tam, Akshay, and I how to start creating new advertising pages on the VEC directory. I'm excited to work on that as it is what we have been working towards with all the tedious data entry. It will be great to see the final product that many people here at VEC have been working hard to acheive!

Other than that, I just worked on filling in contact information for the International Student Safety Program database. I managed to get a lot of information done in a short period of time today, so I hope to have it all complete before lunchtime tomorrow so Tam and I can put everything back in the storage room tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to work tomorrow to get these two projects finished and out of the way!


I decided since my blogs mostly sound the same, I'm only going to write one every few days or if something exciting and different happens in my day.

Friday felt like it was Saturday, because it seemed as though nobody was here. Since Melanie was away, barely anybody came into the office to talk to her, and Tam and Akshay don't work on Fridays, so it was just me. I cleared some more stuff out of the storage room, did a lot of data entry and then moved on to a bit of faxing before I left. I had a lot of overtime hours so I needed to leave early on Friday. At 11:30, while I was heading out, Mr. Gardner had asked me to fill out information in a database for the International Student Safety Program. He needed it done by Monday, so I was happy to stay and work on it.

Yesterday (Monday), the day mvoed by quickly. Tam and I started by completely clearing out the rest of the storage room. Then we needed to vacuum it. We figured because it was so loud, that we would just shut the door as I was inside vacuuming. It got so dusty that when Tam opened the door, it billowed out. Gross! Afterwards, we were finally able to get a coat of paint on the floor. And by the floor, I mean all over Tam and some on the floor. It was really, really, REALLY hot in that room yesterday, I wish I didn't wear pants. Later on that day, I went to the bank for the payments department and then I did a lot of faxing.

Today, I would like to get the second, and hopefully final coat of paint on the floor, and if it dries quick enough, put everything back in the storage room by the end of the day.

Monday, July 26, 2004
paint can get everywhere

     Well another day is done, and it went by very quickly.  In the morning Brennan, and I attempted to clear out the storage room and vacuum it, but the thing is, the vacuums were very, very loud, and in such a small room, the sound echoed and it disturbed the classrooms, so we had to wait until later.  Later, after we had vacuumed everything, I had to cut out some plastic that was covering the floor.  I felt very proud that I was trusted with an X-acto knife. And then the painting started.  Amazingly, Brennan got not a drop of paint on himself (though he was wearing clothes which he didn't want to get dirty).  I, on the other hand, did get paint on myself.  There was paint on my jeans, paint on my arms and hands, and even paint in my hair - but I don't kno how I mananged that.  We're adding a second coat of paint on tomorrow.  I hope I'm covered in less paint.  Comment if you like my blog! :)


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