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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Thursday, May 13, 2004
back in Hamburg/Germany

Hello everyone.

As you can see I'm back in Hamburg. UNFORTUNATELY! The day after I got sick, I suppose it's the weather. I'm glad that I found a job the first week here. Yep, started my old job at the marketing research company I used to work for. So now I'm translating automotive surveys for JD Power & Associates.
It's a matter of fact that I'm still trying to get a job in Seattle (story of my life) and I'm not going to give up! I sent out some applications and I already received my first rejection :( By the way, thanks Lauren for you advice. I didn't have the chance to email you back!
Anyways, juts wanted to say HI. Keep up the good work!


Wednesday, May 12, 2004
At the Airport
See: http://www.yvr.ca/

I have worked with Kazumi, Airport Receptionist, at the airport for four and a half hours today. There were not so many people at the airport today, but I really enjoyed working there. I had opportunity to talk with people from different countries, and the most frequently asked question was "Where I should go to transit domestic flight?" It was very interesting to see people at the airport, some of them looked so excited and others were a little tired. VEC has a booth at the airport, so I will discuss about how we can promote VEC better and grab attention from people just arrived in Vancouver with other market representatives.

That's about it today, so have a nice evening everyone!


Tuesday, May 11, 2004
See: http://vecinterns.blogspot.com/

I did proofreading and typesetting for New Comer's Guide to Vancouver and some administrative work today. There was no major problem with New Comer's Guide, but I found a few mistakes on it, we will revise it later. I could really concentrate on proofreading because, while I was sitting at reception this afternoon, phone didn't ring so much.

Also, I read through "Dear Ai", which has good advice for ESL students, to see what kind of questions students had, and how Ai answered their questions. It is good to share ideas that how ESL students can improve their English skills. Ai, she was one of the ESL students before, gave students really practical advice.

I will be working with Kazumi, Airport Receptionist, at the airport probably for four hours tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Monday, May 10, 2004
See: http://www.vec.ca/English/11/faqs.cfm

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine? I have been a little sick since last week, but I took a enough rest,so now I am 100% OK.

I had a opportunity to counsel a student today. It was my first time, and I didn't expect doing that today. (I should have observed how Ai counseled students before!) Anyway, I explained about programs, courses, and fees, the student seemed to enjoy knowing about VEC. She asked me about number of students, nationalities, and what makes VEC special. I enjoyed doing myself doing this, hopefully I will have a opportunity to counsel students.

The New Comer's Guide to Vancouver is finished editing, and it looks good on paper! We will provide this at the airport to help new comers know about Vancouver.

Have a nice evening!



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