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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Wow - the Intern's Journal is starting to grow!
See: http://www.vec.ca/english/1/interns_journal.cfm

Hi - this is John, the Webmaster at Vancouver English Centre, the sponsor of the Intern's Journal web log.

I have counted 52 messages posted here since we started this blog in February 2004.

Our interns and volunteers who have been posting their experiences here have truly been doing a good job. Now, we have two full beginning-to-end work experiences described here (by Sibel and Katharina), and Eri continues to document her daily experiences as she volunteers at VEC doing many different kinds of work.

Thanks everyone! Keep going Eri! :)


I finished editing New Comer's Guide to Vancouver today. It contains 10 pages so far, and Ai and I will revise this to make it more unique booklet.

Also, I had a opportunity to join a mini meeting today. VEC is offering special benefits, 20% tuition reduction until April 30, to students right now. So, Mr. Gardner, President of Vancouver English Centre, explained about next promotion project. It was very interesting for me to know that how the school can attract more students and agents and to share ideas from each marketing representative, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.
Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to join meetings.

Well, that's about it today. Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Translation and Editing 3

I spent a whole day to edit New Comer's Guide to Vancouver. I almost finished editing it, but I need a little more formatting. This is going to be an interesting booklet for those who are new to Vancouver, because it includes information about culture and customs in Canada, mainly in Vancouver.

Also, I was sitting at Reception for two hours this afternoon, and answered inquiries from students. A guy phoned from Europe, I forgot the country, asked about VEC's Business Internship Program. He seemed to be satisfied my answers, and I was glad I could answer his questions.

I didn't have a chance to observe how Ai provided counseling for trial lesson students today. Hopefully I can observe it sometime soon.

Have a nice evening.


Monday, April 26, 2004
Web Marketing
See: http://www.vec.ca/english/11/english-practice.cfm

It was a beautiful weekend, I played with my host family's dogs (a border collie and an American cocker spaniel) yesterday, and they were so happy to play with me.

I learned some tips about how to promote the internal Journal and VEC's website from Naoko, Japanese Web Developer, today. It was very interesting to know that how Naoko promotes our Japanese pages and submits web site addresses to good search engines or other directories. VEC's website contains different languages pages, and popularity varies. For example, the most popular VEC's English site for today was
English Pronunciation Practice, and the most popular Japanese site was the top page. (and Intern's Journal page is becoming popular!) I didn't have questions today, but Naoko said she was happy to answer questions, so I will ask her some questions later.

Well, that's about it today, have a nice evening!


Back in good old Germany

Hey you guys,

I'm back home! I arrived on Thursday and suffered from jetlag until this morning. 9 hours time difference and more than 9 hours of flying don't pass easily. :o)
I' m trying to get used to speaking German every day. Yes, I'm trying. It's not always easy.

I hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver! I have (otherwise I wouldn't think about coming back).

Take care, Katharina


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