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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
My real experience! (Part3)

Hello every one,

The countdown of my Business Internship Program (BINT) day’s balance has been started!

From today I have only 2 more days to go. After finishing this course, I will be back to my regular classes for one more month. And I might register for a computer course here at VEC! They have good ones that may help me in my career life.

You know what?! I haven’t told you before that actually I do have a job in my country (Kingdome of Saudi Arabia) in an oil company called Arabian Drilling Company. I have been working there since August 2002 as an executive secretary.

As you know and every one does how important the English language in the business life is? From this aspect you can understand why my company sent me here to Vancouver English Center (VEC)? And for what reason I selected the VEC only to study at?

My Answer is I haven’t read or seen better than VEC in Vancouver BC, or maybe in the entire Canada! Trust me this is my real opinion and as I believe every student here has the same one. Maybe VEC is not the cheapest center you may find, but defiantly is the best-qualified one! I don’t think any one will mind to pay a little more and only little to get the best quality, especially when we talk about Education!

Stop hesitating, knowledge is worth to pay few more dollars! Nothing to lose and there is more to gain!

Any way as I mentioned earlier, I have been working now for almost 4 years, and maybe you could ask me (so why you have registered for the Business Internship Program for 8 weeks?)

It is simple my friends, do you think every country have the same work system and atmosphere?

Of course not. And to be honest with you guys, I have been doing some works here and learning new things that might be not possible to have or get from my real work at my company.

This is the main point for the BINT program (to be trained as for your first step of your career life or to get more experience in the same filed you work at, but in a North American work atmosphere, what an excitement! This may add positive points to your resume and work experience as well).

This is my tiny gratitude and thankfulness I can give and pay back to VEC. (Thank you VEC)

The Intern's Journal - Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.
See: http://vecinterns.blogspot.com/

The Intern's Journal - Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.: "My real experience!"

Friday, March 10, 2006
My real experience! (Part 2)

Hi guys,

Its me again (Hakeem), sorry I couldn’t write to you during last week that is because I had been through bad time L . My wife was sick during the last five days and I couldn’t even come to work in my second home (my lovely school "VEC"). Any way I have something to chare with you guys. You know, since I am studying abroad from home and don’t have any member of my family with me (except my wife and daughter "2 years old"). It was little difficult to me managing how to come to school for my business internship with the responsibility of taking care of my sick wife and to look after my daughter. But you know, instead of having one of my family members I got plenty and plenty of them! Yes you are right! I mean my colleague at VEC. You can’t imagine how they cared about me during this time!

I just called to my supervisor and explained my situation to him and he totally understood my status. Not only this he asked me to keep in touch and inform him if there is any progress in my wife sickness case or even if I need any help from VEC.

You see how much care I got from VEC, maybe me, you or some body will not have the same level of cares from our on family! Don’t you agree with me?

So what I and you must have learned from this?

  1. Since I am on a business internship program, I have to act as the same as an official employee! (As a role you have to report and notify any case or cause that will make you absent or late from work to your direct supervisor).

  2. Don’t be warred in such an emergency situation as I had, don’t say I don’t have somebody to help me! (You get your on second family which is VEC staff).

  3. Maybe during this week I haven’t done any work that has to be done according to my business internship program, but I learned something that might be happened to me or any one of you in our real job and how to deal with such things!

  4. This situation cleared up my mind and confirmed that I have selected the proper place to study or to do my business internship at. (Imagine the feeling of working in a friendly family environment!).

Will write you more soon.

Bye now!

Hekmat R. Al-Muzel (Hakeem)
Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
My real experience!
See: http://vecinterns.blogspot.com/

The Intern's Journal - Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Hi guys,
This is Hekmat (Hakeem) a student at VEC since 13 June 2005. I was registered for 40 weeks ending on 14 April 2006.
I would like to share my experience with you guys who are interested in learning and studying the English language in Canada, British Colombia. As a student studying a second language (English) for the first time abroad, I would say that Vancouver English Center is the right choice I have selected.
All VEC staff starting from the top of VEC organization chart: (the president), moving down through the boughs of the chart tree (the school management and teachers), they are really working hard to treat all the students from all the countries around the world in a great way that makes the students forget that they are away from their home even there family.

If you were afraid to study abroad or scaring from the feeling homesick, from my ongoing experience with VEC School, I would encourage you and all of my relatives and friends to take the opportunity to experience the best material and the best environment to study the English language in such an excellent way that you ever never dreamed about.

In my case I am trying to take the advantages of what I have mentioned above to learn and study the
English language as much as I can, and the above conditions make it easier than in somewhere ells. Even I have been taking the opportunity to practice the English language in a real North American working environment. Any one can do the same too!

VEC School has an excellent business program called Business Internship Program (BINT). This program is carefully well design for those who interested in improve their English language and work experience side by side in the field that you are concerned about.

Like in my situation, I am concerned about the administration field. And VEC arranged my Business Internship Program upon my interests. I did and have done with one moth of my practicum program with one of the leading company in Canada called Scotia McLeod and I really enjoyed it.

Now I got the opportunity to do my second moth of my BINT with VEC management. What a beautiful thing to study and work in the same place! can you imagine this?

I will writ you some of my practicum experience in the near future.

For further information you can reach me at hakeeemss@yahoo.ca.

Bye now!

Hekmat R. Al-Muzel (Hakeem)
Saudi Arabia

Friday, January 27, 2006
First week at VEC

My name is Heeya Kim who will be graduated as a Wellness Counsellor soon.
I used to be a student at VEC a long time ago and I really liked people at VEC including Mr.Gardner, staffs and teachers. They are so caring and down to earth.
When I thought about where I would like to have my practicum, immediately the name, VEC came to my mind.

I have always wanted to work with International Students since I have been one of them and understood how hard it could be in another country.

I just had an information session on Life Skills Workshops yesterday.
I was surprised to see that many students are interested in learning Life Skills.
I have met some students already expressing their homesickness and I felt needed to be there for them.

Personally, I believe that everyone walks into my life with lessons and they are great teachers to me. I feel that I will have great lessons from people at VEC and I will have fun with them too. =)

Have a great weekend, everyone~!

Introducing Heeya

Heeya is interning at Vancouver English Centre for two weeks. She has graciously agreed to add her experiences to this blog.

Welcome Heeya!

Monday, October 17, 2005
Learning New Things

Today I started third week of my internship at VEC. I have learnt a lot in these 2 past weeks. I worked with ColdFusion, the computer programming language which I never had worked with before.

I always enjoy learning new things, specially in my job and this internship and also John gave me this opportunity.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hello everyone
I am Bita the new intern in VEC. I have started my internship since Monday. It is nice to work here because i was familiar with the invironment and some people as i studied Bint for 4 weeks here with teachers Joy and Wallace.I work with 2 nice people , John and Wing, as a computer programmer for VEC. I hope to be useful for my team and VEC.

Monday, October 03, 2005
Welcome our newest VEC Intern: Bita

Bita will be interning with Vancouver English Centre for the next four weeks. She has graciously agreed to add her experiences to this blog.

Bita is an experienced programmer, and we're looking forward to making use of her software programming and technical experience to help improve our internal partner management database systems.

Welcome Bita!


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