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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Friday, March 10, 2006
My real experience! (Part 2)

Hi guys,

Its me again (Hakeem), sorry I couldn’t write to you during last week that is because I had been through bad time L . My wife was sick during the last five days and I couldn’t even come to work in my second home (my lovely school "VEC"). Any way I have something to chare with you guys. You know, since I am studying abroad from home and don’t have any member of my family with me (except my wife and daughter "2 years old"). It was little difficult to me managing how to come to school for my business internship with the responsibility of taking care of my sick wife and to look after my daughter. But you know, instead of having one of my family members I got plenty and plenty of them! Yes you are right! I mean my colleague at VEC. You can’t imagine how they cared about me during this time!

I just called to my supervisor and explained my situation to him and he totally understood my status. Not only this he asked me to keep in touch and inform him if there is any progress in my wife sickness case or even if I need any help from VEC.

You see how much care I got from VEC, maybe me, you or some body will not have the same level of cares from our on family! Don’t you agree with me?

So what I and you must have learned from this?

  1. Since I am on a business internship program, I have to act as the same as an official employee! (As a role you have to report and notify any case or cause that will make you absent or late from work to your direct supervisor).

  2. Don’t be warred in such an emergency situation as I had, don’t say I don’t have somebody to help me! (You get your on second family which is VEC staff).

  3. Maybe during this week I haven’t done any work that has to be done according to my business internship program, but I learned something that might be happened to me or any one of you in our real job and how to deal with such things!

  4. This situation cleared up my mind and confirmed that I have selected the proper place to study or to do my business internship at. (Imagine the feeling of working in a friendly family environment!).

Will write you more soon.

Bye now!

Hekmat R. Al-Muzel (Hakeem)
Saudi Arabia

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