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Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada. The Intern's Journal

Journals by Interns at Vancouver English Centre, in Vancouver, Canada.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Vanilla Ice Cream

Today was alright...not good, not bad, just alright. Hence the title of this entry. :D (I'm already out of ideas for blog titles, if you can't already tell.)

I started the day by searching for the names and numbers of criminal lawyers in about 7 different cities, and then I started faxing some of them. The ones that I started off faxing had already received the adverttisement from me before. Tina, the teacher who told me to do all of this, decided we should fax them all over again which is really annoying, because it feels like I'm working backwards. On top of that, the fax machine is really slow and Tam an I only have one between us and it's at her desk.

However, once Mr. Gardner sent me new e-mails of listings I began entering data until the end of the day. I hope that tomorrow some odd job pops up so that I may do something different for a little while. By the end of the Summer, I'm never going to want to see the numbers 1 or 2 on a keyboard or anywhere else for that matter, as they're the two keys I push for hours at a time for data entry.

I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to Friday or not. Since Tam and Akshay don't work on Fridays, last Friday, I had to help out in homestay, because the homestay coordinator, Jean, was desperate and Akshay usually helps her. Since I've never liked talking on the phone, I can't stand working in homestay! Not only am I calling people all day, but I'm saying the same things and getting exactly the same responses! Ugh - poor Jean!

I hope that tomorrow will be a little more chocolate, or at the very least, neopolitan...vanilla's only good in small doses.

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